Basil uses, benefits, and nutrition

Basil uses, benefits, and nutrition

Basil is called ‘Herb Queen’ ie ‘Queen of Medicines‘.  In a country like India, Basil has been given the status of God.  We have often heard from our elders about the qualities of basil leaves.  But we rarely use it despite knowing about its properties.  You will be surprised to know that many types of chemical elements are found in Basil leaves and flowers, which have the power to prevent many diseases and eliminate them from the root.  For this reason. basil uses

Basil leaves are used in many diseases medicine.  Basil is beneficial for both internal and external forms of the body.  Its special thing is that it works according to the person’s motivation.  Due to the many properties of Basil, not only the leaves of Basil but also its branches, flowers, seeds, etc. are also used for treatment in Ayurveda and Naturopathy.  Basil has been in use for centuries, be it cancer or cold.  What are the characteristics of Basil, let’s take a look. basil uses

Types Of Basil Leaves

 The qualities of Basil are incomparable from the point of view of Hindu religion and science and Ayurveda.  This precious plant is of five types, which is important from health to the scientific and spiritual point of view.  Know the types of basil –
 1. Ram Basil
 2. Shyam or Shyama Basil
 3. White / Vishnu Basil
 4. Forest Basil
 5. Lemon Basil

 Nutrients found in basil

 Basil literally means ‘matchless plant’. Basil is viewed as the holiest herb in India.  It is known worldwide due to its effects and benefits.  There are many types of nutrition and vitamins found in basil leaves, such as –
 Vitamins A, B, C, and K Calcium Iron Chlorophyll Zinc Omega 3 Magnesium Mangjin

 Benefits Of Basil Leave

 Basil plant is found in every household, but even after being in front, you probably do not know that it is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is cheaper than the medicine available in the market and is free from all the disadvantages. 

Let’s know about the amazing benefits of Basil –

Skin infection relief

There is no better medicine than basil to prevent any kind of skin infection.  Actually, basil leaves prevent bacteria from growing.  Basil also has antibiotic properties, which help in treating infections.  If you have any kind of skin infection, make a paste of basil leaves with gram flour and apply on the skin, it will be beneficial. basil uses

Winter – beneficial in cough

Basil works as a panacea for cold and cold.  Most people get worse due to the change in weather.  Taking medicine reduces fever but cough and phlegm persist for a long time.  In such a situation, it is immediately beneficial to adopt domestic prescriptions of Basil.

Stress away

Recent research has shown that basil considers an effective natural remedy for stress relief.  Actually, basil leaves find to have anti-stress agents that correct our stress and mental imbalance.  In addition, it is helpful in combating negative thoughts that dominate the mind due to stress.

Cancer prevention

 Basil seeds have also shown to be effective in treating cancer in many kinds of research.  Indeed, basil increases antioxidant activity and prevents cancerous tumours from spreading.  It says that people who consume Basil regularly have little chance of getting cancer.

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Stop the spread of TB Disease

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 In the problem of irregular periods

Periods of irregular or delayed periods are becoming a common problem for most girls these days.  The period cycle is usually 21 to 35 days.  If your period comes after 35 days, then know that you too are going through the same problem of the period.  In this case, using basil seeds proves beneficial.  This removes the irregularity of the menstrual cycle.

In stomach related diseases

 Basil is a boon for people suffering from stomach ailments.  Yes, it uses to relieve stomach irritation, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, etc.  Experts say that both basil leaves and seeds prevent stomach ulcers. basil uses

Benefits in kidney stones

 Basil helps the kidneys to run smoothly.  The urine comes out easily due to its intake, which also helps in cleansing the kidneys.  If there is a stone in the kidney, mix fresh basil juice with honey and eat it daily for 4 to 5 months.  This will also remove kidney stones from the path of urine.

Increase immunity power

Basil acts as a protective shield for our bodies.  Swallowing fresh basil leaves daily in the morning strengthens the immune system of the body.  It has many properties that increase the production of antibodies that fight infection in the body by several percents so that we do not get sick quickly.

Remove the bad smell of the mouth

Basil leaves are also very helpful in removing the bad smell of the mouth.  They work as a natural mouth freshener in away.  If your mouth smells, then boil some basil leaves in water and then rinse it after cooling that water.  Doing this causes the bad odour of the mouth.



 Basil is a good option to keep the skin healthy and away from pimples.  Actually, Basil has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties, due to which it solves every problem of our skin.  Everyone has a cure for the improvement of facial tone, nail-acne, stains, and spots.  Let’s know about the beauty benefits associated with Basil –

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Hydrate skin

Basil acts as an anti-ageing agent for our skin. Basil proves to be very beneficial for a smooth face and glowing skin Basil relieves every hair problem.

 Other benefits of eating basil leaves

 Basil leaves prove to be beneficial even if there is a problem of vomiting in pregnant women.

  •  To lose weight, drinking basil juice daily is also beneficial.
  •  It also reduces the risk of a heart attack. Basil prevents blood clotting by lowering cholesterol.
  • Basil seeds are also used in the treatment of sexual diseases. it is very helpful in quitting smoking. The use of basil provides relief in problems like burning and swelling. The right way to eat basil
  • The right way to use Basil is to swallow its leaves or you can drink it by making its juice, decoction. 
  • The leaves can also boil and drink in tea etc.  But do not forget to chew basil leaves. 
  • There are two reasons for this.  Firstly, basil leaves also rever and secondly, mercury metal elements found in basil leaves which chew on the leaves and apply on the teeth.  Mercury damages the teeth.  That is why the leaves should be swallowed or sucked instead of chewed. 
  • It is also beneficial in many diseases. basil uses

 Home remedies related to basil leaves – Medicinal Uses Of Basil

  •  By taking one drop of Shri Basil daily, stomach related diseases gradually eradicate.
  • Applying the juice of basil leaves is beneficial when the skin of the body burns.
  • In a problem like ear pain or running ears, pouring basil juice lightly in the ear is beneficial.
  • Applying juice of basil leaves with lemon juice increases face glow.
  •  If someone has a problem with white stains, then adding basil juice to coconut oil, this problem is also overcome. Boil 5 to 5 basil leaves in a cup of water to get relief from fever and cold.  Then filter it and drink this tea at least twice a day. basil uses
  • If you have a complaint of migraine or headache always, then make a drink of basil leaf decoction.  I will get relief soon. Digestion becomes stronger by consuming black pepper with basil. The water can be purified by adding some fresh basil leaves to the dirty water.
  • To reduce stress naturally, one must drink basil tea at least once a day. Eating basil seeds with curd ends the problem of piles.
  • Those who feel colder should boil 8- 10 leaves of basil in milk and drink it. Injured, applying basil leaves with alum and healing wounds quickly.

Know some important things related to Basil

 Basil considers a Sanjeevani herb in Ayurveda because the Basil plant has many properties that help in curing many diseases.  Basil plant protects not only health but also evil eyes.  “Don’t know the Tulsi tree. Don’t know the cow. These three Nandkishores.”  This means that you should never consider Basil as a tree, do not make the mistake of considering a cow as an animal, and do not make the mistake of considering a Guru as an ordinary human being, because these three are the manifestations of God.  So let’s know

1 – Basil leaves should never chew
 2 – Do not touch basil on Sunday
 3 – Basil is forbidden in Shiva and Ganesh worship
 4 – It is not right to keep a dry basil plant
 5 – Do not touch basil after evening

 Side Effects of basil uses

 The effect of basil is slightly warm, so eating it in winter does not cause any harm to the body, but excessive intake in summer can cause problems.  At the same time, people who are taking medicines for diseases like diabetes or hypoglycemia should not consume Basil.  Due to this, there can be a possibility of lowering blood sugar in the body.  If you drink basil tea more than 2 times a day, you may also face problems like acidity, burning sensation in the chest and stomach.

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