Foods With Vitamin A: Source Of Vitamin A

Foods With Vitamin A: Source Of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very important for the human body. If we have to be healthy then Vitamin A is necessary for us. Vitamin A is extremely important for the eyesight, for the strengthening of the muscles, to maintain bone and calcium levels.

Vitamin A knows as dissolving vitamins in fat. Source of Vitamin A usually finds in the form of retinoid and carotenoids and It finds mainly in fruits and vegetables. Read Also:

It is very important for our body to run smoothly, so which of these foods are there, which is the amount of vitamin A supplement in our body.

Foods With Vitamin A


foods with vitamin a

It has been proved that fish is beneficial for health. Vitamin A is rich in fish. Eating fish also enhances the eyesight of the eyes and also increases the brain.
That’s why fish also calls Brain Food. In fish, along with vitamin A, omega-3 and fatty acids are found.


foods with vitamin a

Although egg is known for protein and fat. But very few people know that there are many other nutrients in the egg, which are very beneficial for our body. One of them is Vitamin A.
The amount of vitamin A in the egg is also found. Which fulfils the deficiency of vitamin A in our body.


There is a saying that Pumpkin A, Benefits Many This saying for pumpkin is absolutely accurate. Pumpkin is rich in all the properties of nutrients, but in the pumpkin, it finds mainly on the basis of beta carotene, which gives Vitamin A.

There are many types of nutrients found in pumpkin seeds, which are also beneficial for our skin. Pumpkin can be used as a vegetable, raite or can also be made of pumpkin dessert.

Green coriander

It is as good as it is in the food of the rich man you like as well. Green coriander has many properties in itself and Green coriander is also considered a good source of vitamin A.

Green Coriander also works as an antioxidant for our bodies. We use it for decoration of food. Also, it is different from the green chilli sauce.
Those who use green coriander in daily food can see the problem of kidneys less.


Carrot is considered to be the biggest source of vitamin A. Because eating a bowl carrot daily, our body gets 334 per cent of the vitamin A requirement. Carrot is also very good for the eyes.

We can eat carrots as raw. It can also be eaten by cooking it in a vegetable or even carrot pudding can be made. Carrot is useful for us in many forms.


Milk is considered as a complete diet. There are so many nutrients present in it. Read Also: Glow your Skin Easily in a few steps

But believe milk is also a great source of vitamin A. This helps in the growth of bones and the growth of cells. Milk is beneficial for old people or children. foods with vitamin a

Drinking 1 glass of milk every day can prove to be beneficial for you. (Read: Benefits of drinking milk)


Tomatoes use most commonly in Indian mines. Tomatoes contain a rich amount of vitamin A along with antioxidants.

Lycopene finds in tomatoes, which is very effective in the development of cancer cells, especially in the control of prostate, stomach and colorectal cancer. Chromium is found in tomatoes, which keeps control of blood sugar levels in the body.

Sweet potato

foods with vitamin a

The sweet potato that receives in winter is as delicious as it is, and also beneficial for health. Vitamin A is found in abundance in sweet potato. Especially in orange-coloured sweet potato, it has plenty of quantity.

Due to the low volume of glaciomic elements in orange-coloured sugars and some other crops, they will also be able to consume these products which are victims of diabetes. In India, the number of such patients is increasing. So do not forget to eat this winter sweet potato.

Green vegetables

Advice to eat green vegetables is given only from childhood. It says that eating green vegetables makes the eyes light faster. All types of vitamins are found in green vegetables.

In this case, green vegetables are also beneficial for vitamin A. You must take green vegetables in your diet. By taking food containing Vitamin A, our body and skin keep fresh. Read Also: Sachin Tendulkar Records, Achievements and Awards


Capsicum also considers a good source of vitamin A. As much as appearing in capsicum Its properties are equally beneficial.
It contains carotenoids and antioxidants in abundance. Capsicum can also use as a salad and its vegetables can also be made. As it also eats it, it will be beneficial for you.

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