Healthy Diet Tips For Summer

Healthy  Diet Tips For Summer

Healthy Diet Tips For Summer: The situation of every person in the summer season is unhealthy. Everyone wants to beat the heat. Let’s learn how to get rid of different problems in the summer season.

* Buttermilk is beneficial


Buttermilk is prepared with curd, water, salt, and other spices. There are plenty of electrolytes and water in it, which are effective in dealing with conditions such as dehydration. The residue controls the amount of liquid in the body. Since there is very little fat in it, it is also considered good for the heart.

* Relief from itching

It is normal to have itching in the feet for long periods of wearing shoes or sweating. In such a way, mix fresh lemon juice with water and keep it in the dip, it will be immediately relieved. Prepare a mixture of water and fresh mint leaves and put the legs in it. This will also provide relief in itching.

* Safe eyes in summer

Use Sunglasses prevent dangerous ultraviolet

Due to heat, the risk of getting various diseases such as melanoma or lymphoma is increased in the eyes. Sunglasses prevent dangerous ultraviolet ‘A’ and ultraviolet ‘B’ rays. Humidity is very important for the health of your eyes. Drink at least two liters of water daily, so that the eyes and skin can be saved from dehydration. Dehydration can lead to a lack of lubrication in your eyes so that disease like xerophthalmia (dry eyes) is possible. Healthy Diet Tips For Summer

   These common problems occur in summer 

* Keep the body cool

Wet your pulse point and wrists. It is a better way to keep the body cool. Apply ice cream in a soft cloth and apply it to the skin. It preserves body coolness for a long time. Get home or office, wash your mouth at some intervals. Wear cotton and airy clothes.

* Keep some cold-cold

To keep the body cool, it is important to eat and drink cold things. This does not necessarily mean that you drink only water, but keep reducing fluid at slight intervals to regain dehydration and lack of water in the body. Balanced drinks with electrolytes are helpful in oral rehydration, but avoid taking soft drinks and other sugary drinks. Instead, take watermelon, freshly prepared mint drinks, juice, etc. Healthy Diet Tips For Summer

* Make the house cool

With some measure, the house can also be kept cold. Put more plants in your home so that the heat from the sun rays can be avoided. Choose trees that give you enough shade. If the sun is coming straight then the curtains can also be used.

* Sunburn

This is the burning from the sun’s rays. In this, the person’s skin is affected. Sunburn symptoms include redness, dizziness, and fatigue on the face. Take out sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house and try to save the open parts of the body with hot air

* Fever

Whenever there is an infection in the body, the result is seen as a fever. In this season, fly and mosquito are a major cause of fever. Viral, Malaria, Flu, Lu, Dengue, Chikungunya or Swine Flu fever are such that this summer is the donation. Most people in the summer are also troubled by stomach disorders. Often contaminated water and food cause the virus to spread the infection by reaching our body. They have intestinal infections and diseases such as diarrhea. The Health Benefits of Almonds

* Bleeding Nose

This type of problem occurs due to the airiness of the air in summer. Therefore, maintain moisture levels in both holes of the nose. When you are bleeding from the nose, shake the body around-not dull, but sit comfortably with the head upwards. This can prevent excessive bleeding from the nose.

* Sunstroke

Summer nervousness sometimes affects the nervous system. Along with the body, the mind also comes into its grip. It’s called a loon. Do not go out in the sun, do not leave the empty stomach and keep all the measures to prevent sunlight.

* UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Fever with high fever and urinary tract infection is a normal disease in heat. Due to heat dehydration, the bacteria enter the bladder. These diseases persecute women. So keep in mind the cleanliness and hygiene. Do plenty of water. Along with this, take lots of liquids.

* Heatstroke

Symptoms of heat stroke include difficulty in breathing, speed of heartbeat, body temperature rising, hallucinations, etc. Heat stroke occurs due to excessive overheating in the body by working overtime. Such a person should be treated with an emergency. Constantly taking liquids, avoiding the heat, wearing ventilated clothes provides great relief in the heat.

* Dehydration

Dehydration occurs due to lack of water in the body. More common causes of severe diarrhea, vomiting, fever or sweating are common. So it is important to keep drinking water in the summer.

* Food Poisoning & Diarrhea

Keep the remaining food in the refrigerator. Cook foods properly. Take special care of the cleaning. Avoid eating street food. Boil water and drink. How to get your wife happy

* Infection problem

Chickenpox and Measles are also in summer because then its virus spreads rapidly. Therefore it is necessary to take the vaccination. Transition in the urinary tract is also a common disease. There is infection by drinking water. If water is found in forensic, rust, insecticides, drinking it can cause diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, etc.

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