Hydrocele – Symptoms and Causes

Hydrocele – Symptoms and Causes

What is a hydrocele?

A hydrocele is a painless condition in men, which causes by the formation of watery fluid around one or both of the testicles. This condition causes swelling in the groin and scrotum region. This swelling may look uncomfortable and crappy. But generally, Hydrocele is not dangerous. Hydrocele may occur at any age. It also finds in many male infants who recover after a few days of their birth. Hydrocele – Symptoms and Causes

Hydrocele - Symptoms and Causes


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Type of hydrocele

Hydroxyl is mainly of 2 types, which are the following:
Communicating Hydroxyl – When the test sac doesn’t completely close and it also causes pain and swelling in the testicle, then the condition calls Communicating Hydrocele. Hydrocele – Symptoms and Causes

This problem can be mainly due to the person who suffers from a hernia.

Noncommunicating Hydroxyl – It is another type of hydroxyl, which is in a situation where the test sac closes and the remaining fluid doesn’t store in the body.

The problem of non-communicating hydrocele finds mainly in newborns, which recover within a year.


In most cases, the cause of the disease has been unknown.
However, according to doctors, the hydrocele may occur in late life or due to injury in the Scrotum or Grone area. It can also cause infection or swelling in the testicles.
In some cases, Hydrocele may be due to the cancer of the left kidneys, or cancer of carcinoma, but this is the most common cause of developing hydroxides in men over 40 years of age.


A hydrocele diagnosed by physical examination of Scrotum. As a part of the examination process, a light can shine behind each of the facets for transillumination of the doctor’s check. This method of examining the testicles helps to examine the solid mass which can cause swelling, which can present testicular cancer is present.

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Since hydroxyl fill with fluid, in the absence of any concrete mass inside the testicles, transmutation technology allows light to undergo inflammation. Occasionally when the solid mass detected inside the cells of the hydrocele patient, then the doctor advises Ultrasound for better understanding of the cause-related to swelling in the groin area. Hydrocele – Symptoms and Causes

A hydrocele is not dangerous, it treats only when there is a pain in the affected area. If the shape of the hydroxyl does not change and if the time is larger with the passage, then treatment doesn’t require. In most cases, hydroxyls also become smaller after a certain period without medicines, because the body regenerates the fluid.

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However, it has observed that hydroxyl does not usually go away from themselves in men over 65 years of age. In such cases, doctors can aspirate fluid from hydroxyl or hydrocele ectomy (surgical removal of hydroxyl) using an aspiration needle according to the severity of the disease. If you feel that you are suffering from this disease then get treatment with a urologist or an andrologist.


Swelling in the toilet
Pain or discomfort in the testicular
Treatment: Treatable by a medical professional
Diagnosis: Medical diagnosis requires
Lab Test: Lab Test Requirements
LONG: Old: For years or maybe life can be
COMM: Spread of sexual or direct blood contact

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