Oranges: Health benefits, nutrition, diet, and risks

Oranges: Health benefits, nutrition, diet, and risks

Orange is a famous fruit which is found in almost every country. Many types of vitamins and minerals found in oranges, which are beneficial for health. Also, if this fruit consumes regularly, then the body can be protected from many diseases. orange fruits

This fruit is easily available and this fruit can either peel or eat or its juice can also be drunk. Apart from this, tea made from orange fruit also consumes by many people. By eating this fruit, skin, body, and hair also have many benefits.


Vitamin C is very high in oranges and this vitamin is helpful in keeping diseases like colds and phlegm away. Therefore, people who have a cold problem, they should start consuming it.

Blood pressure corrected

The existing Hesperidin and Magnesium in this fruit are also effective in controlling high blood pressure. Therefore, people who have a blood pressure problem should add this fruit to their diet. orange fruits

Protects against cancer

Existing limonins in the body, which are cancer cells, do not allow them to grow. Apart from this, eating it reduces the chances of getting liver and breast cancer.

Heart Health

The fibre, potassium, vitamin C and choline content found in this fruit help to keep our heart healthy. Therefore, people who have heart-related disease must consume this fruit.

Constipation problem

With increasing age, people often have constipation. And they have to resort to many types of medicines to eliminate this problem. But very few people know that eating oranges from this problem can also be found. Actually, the fibre present in this fruit helps in fighting constipation and keeps the stomach clean. orange fruits

Eyes Beneficial

The vitamin C present in this fruit is beneficial for the light of the eyes and by continuous consumption of this fruit, the eyes can be kept fit.

Immune system

orange fruits

Orange, zinc, iron and many other minerals find in the fruit and all these types of minerals help to strengthen the body’s immune system and fight many diseases. orange fruits

Depression ends

In a tension-filled life, any person can become a victim of depression. At the same time, people who have depression can eat this fruit and get out of this disease. According to research, the current warm citrus aroma in this fruit helps to relieve tension.

Joints and Knees Pain relief

People who have pain problem in joints and knees. If people drink the juice of this fruit mixed with goat milk, then the pain of knees can be relieved.

Stomach problems

In case of problems of gas, indigestion, and indigestion. Juice of this fruit should heat and mix with black pepper and consumed. Because drinking this juice for a few days makes the stomach completely clean.

Kidney Stones profitable in stones

Eating oranges regularly benefits the kidneys, and kidney stones can also be prevented by consuming this fruit. Also, people who have kidney stones if they consume it, then it does not develop. Also, the already existing stones also end.

Piles relief

If the orange is eaten in the case of piles, then this disease can eradicate soon. Those who have this problem. They should prepare the powder by drying the orange peels and consume this powder daily with warm water.

Viral Infections

Orange is also very helpful in avoiding many types of viral infections. The flavonoids and polyphenols present in this fruit protect the body from viral infections.

Prevents Ulcers

Orange contains high fibre, which prevents many types of ulcers and. if consumed, can be overcome by stomach ulcers. Apart from one of the benefits mentioned above. Eating orange can also solve problems like blood circulation, eyesight, and bad breath.

Benefits Of Oranges For Skin

Eating orange or drinking its juice and drying its peels and making a paste. Applying it on the skin gives many benefits to the skin and makes the facial skin more glowy.

Healthy skin

Antioxidants are present inside oranges, which protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and also provide glow to the skin.
If you regularly apply a paste of this fruit peel powder. Apply it on your face, then skin tanning can be relieved. orange fruits

Improve Skin Tone – orange fruits

If orange juice apples on the face or scrubbed with its powder, then the face can be improved further.
You just need to apply orange juice all over the face with the help of cotton and when it dries. Clean it with the help of a wet cloth.

Reduce facial wrinkles

Orange powder and juice can also use to eliminate and reduce facial wrinkles. Actually, the antioxidants of this fruit work to reduce wrinkles as well as prevent premature skin from dying.


Most people have problems with blackheads and many types of scrubs also sell in the market to remove blackheads.
However, many types of chemical are used to make most of the scrubs sold in the market. Which are not right for the facial skin.

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So people who are allergic to the chemical can make scrub in their home and do this. You just have to dry the orange peel. Grind them and mix it with water and rub it on the face. orange fruits
Apart from the scrub, you can also apply the Peel Mask of this fruit on the face. To make a peel mask. You need to add curd in the powder of orange peel and apply that mask on the face for 15 minutes.

Benefits for oily skin

People whose skin is quite oily, they put the juice of this fruit in a tray of ice. And then rub it in their skin. By doing this, the oily skin of the skin ends.

Apart from the use of the orange mentioned above. You can also use it as a toner and apply it on the face to make your face shiny.

Benefits of Orange for Hair

The star can also use to lengthen the hair and protect the scalp from many types of infections.


The juice of this fruit can also be used as a conditioner and by applying it in the hair. The shine of the hair can be increased further.
To make a conditioner with orange juice, you must first extract its juice and then add honey to it. After adding honey, you should keep this pack on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes. When it dries well then you wash it.
Hair can also be increased. orange fruits

Apart from Vitamin C, bioflavonoids also find in this fruit. Which is very good for the scalp and gives strength to the scalp. At the same time, having a strong scalp helps in hair growth.


Orange peel is also beneficial in eliminating the problem of dandruff, people who have this problem. Just boil its peel in water, filter it and after the water cools, clean the hair with water…

In addition to the remedy mentioned above. You can grind orange peel and apply it on your scalp and after some time take it after you.

Treats Hair Smell

The problem of stench in the summer season knows too many people. And this problem can eradicate with the help of orange juice. People whose hair smells bad. They rub the juice on the scalp of their head thoroughly. Leave it for a while and wash the hair after some time.
By doing this, not only the stench of the hair removes. As well as a slight fragrance of this fruit starts coming from the hair.

Orange Side Effects

Eating orange brings many benefits to the body and it also consumes by many people. Although it is not necessary that these fruits prove to be beneficial for everyone.
People suffering from diabetes should not consume this fruit too much. Because there is a lot of natural sugar in this fruit. Due to which the sugar level of the body can increase.

For those people who are resorting to diet to lose weight, orange fruit is also not beneficial for those people. Because carbohydrates find in very high amounts in this fruit and it can cause weight gain.
People who are allergic to sour. Or acidic food should not consume this fruit, because this fruit also counts in the category of acidic food.

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Its juice can also be harmful to the teeth because the acid is found in this fruit, which can harm enamel. Enamel protects our teeth. Apart from this, people suffering from hemochromatosis disease should also not consume this fruit.

Benefits of orange leaves, flowers, and peels

The length of the orange tree is not very big and the flowers blossom before the orange plants on this tree and these flowers later transforms into oranges. The flowers, leaves, and peels of this tree also used for many things.
Oil extracts from the flowers and leaves on the orange tree and this oil used to make herbal medicine. Similarly, orange peel also extracts from oil and uses to make many types of medicine.
Its oil also extracts from sweet orange and this oil uses for diseases like constipation, obesity, nervous tension, depression and stress.

Variety or type of Orange

More than 400 varieties of oranges find all over the world and these varieties are grouped on the basis of their shape and colour form, which is as follows-

Navel Oranges – Seeds are very less found in this type of orange and the peel of this orange can be peeled easily. Apart from this, the juice is found in this orange. It is better to consume navel orange in the morning and this type of orange is available from November to May.

Valencia orange – Valencia type oranges find from February to October and a lot of juice also finds in such oranges.

Blood (Moro Orange) – The peel of this orange is very thin and the colour inside this orange is red. These types of oranges find during the months of January to April.
In addition to the oranges mentioned above, oranges named Keanu and Clementine also sell in the market.

Best Time to Eat Orange –

If this fruit consumes in the morning and afternoon, then it is beneficial, while you can drink its juice during your breakfast in the morning.
Although oranges eat by many people at night time also. But if you are on a diet, do not consume them at night. Because this fruit does not easily digest at night.
Apart from this, juice of this fruit can drink even after exercising and body fatigue can be removed.


Orange is a healthy fruit and many diseases can avoid by consuming it. Therefore, you must add this fruit to your diet. You can also use this fruit as a juice or you can use it as a direct.

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