Stop the Spread of TB Disease

Stop the Spread of TB Disease

Stop the Spread of TB Disease; TB is a bacterial disease that spreads from one person to another via air. It usually begins in the lungs. The most common lung is TB, but it can occur in any part of the body such as the brain, uterus, mouth, liver, kidney, throat, bone, etc. TB bacteria are spread through the air. This infection is spread by fine drops coming out of the mouth and nose during coughing and sneezing. If TB talks very close to the patient and he is not coughing, then there can be a risk of infection. However, apart from the lungs, TB is not spread from one to the other and contrary to the common belief, it is not a disease that passes on from generation to generation.

Losses In TB Disease

During TB

In any part of the body, the bacteria of TB completely destroys the tissue and affects the functioning of that organ. For example, if there is TB in the lungs, it slowly sucks the lungs, if it is in the uterus, it causes infertility, if it is in the bone, then the bone is sore, if, in the brain, the patient may have seizures, If it is in the liver, it can fill water in the stomach, etc.

Symptoms Of TB

TB people

Cough persistent for more than 2 weeks, cough with mucus, occasional blood loss, loss of appetite, constant weight loss, fever during evening or night, sweating in winter, exhaling or breathing Chest pain, any of these symptoms can occur and sometimes no symptoms

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How TB symptoms differ from cancer or bronchitis also corresponds to the symptoms of cancer and bronchitis. In this case, it is necessary for the doctor to decide what is the real cause of these symptoms. By the way, the major symptoms that distinguish the three diseases are:

  • In bronchitis, there is difficulty in breathing and there is a whistling sound while breathing.
  • Mouth bleeding in cancer,
  • There may be problems such as weight loss, but fever usually does not occur.
  • TB does not cause respiratory problems and fever.
  • Who is more at risk

Those who do not eat well, have more TB because their body is not able to withstand the bacteria due to weak immunity. The infection spreads rapidly when more people live in less space. Tuberculosis occurs even in dark and damp places because TB bacteria thrive in the dark. It can happen to anyone as it spreads from one infection to another. Smokers are at higher risk of TB. Patients with diabetes, steroids, and HIV patients are also at greater risk. Overall, the risk is highest for those whose immunity is low.

How to diagnose

Treatment of TB
Treatment of TB

Tests are done according to the part of the body that has TB. – There is a mucus test for TB of the lungs, which goes up to Rs 100-200. It is free at government hospitals and DOTS centres. – Mucus checks continuously for 2 days. Keep in mind that sputum testes, not sputum. Clean the mucus and give it to the test. If sputum examines, TB will not catch. – If TB is not caught in the mucus, AFB culture has to do. It goes up to 2000 rupees. But their report comes in 6 weeks. In such a situation, gene expert testing does, which reports in 4 hours. In this investigation, it also knows which level of TB is and whether the drug will effect or not. The government has fixed a limit of Rs 2000 for this test.

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Many times chest X-rays also do, which can be up to Rs 200-500. The urine culture test does for kidney TB. It also gets up to 1500 rupees. The uterus testes for TB with a cervical swab. If there are lumps etc. then the test does by taking fluids from there. CT scan does several times, which costs up to Rs 4000. – There is a constant pain in the waist and if you are not getting any benefit after taking the medicine then X-ray-MRI etc. advise. X-rays are available for Rs 300-400 and MRI for Rs 3500

Treatment Of TB

TB treatment is entirely possible. It treats free in government hospitals and DOT centres. The most important thing is that the treatment lasts until the TB completely cures. Leaving the middle develops immunity against the drugs in bacteria and makes the treatment quite difficult as common drugs do not affect. – This situation is called MDR / XDR i.e. Multi Drugs Resistant / Extensive Drugs Resistant. MDR usually consists of 2 cases out of every 100. 7% of MDR cases are from XDR, which is even more damaging. – It is not expensive to treat even in private hospitals. Usually, medicines cost Rs 300-400 a month. But treatment becomes expensive if there is a condition with XDR / MDR. – TB treatment lasts longer. It can take from 6 months to 2 years to recover. General and uterus TB treatment is 6 months, bone or kidney TB is 9 months and MDR / XDR treated for 2 years. – Infection can spread from the first 2 weeks to 2 months after starting treatment because bacteria can remain active until that time. In this situation, necessary precaution should take even in the initial stages of treatment. – During treatment, the patient should eat very nutritious food, exercise, do yoga and live a normal life.

How to protect

Easy Treatment of TB
Easy Treatment of TB

Keep your immunity great. Protein diet rich in nutrition (soybeans, pulses, fish, poultry, cheese, etc.) should be taken. Weak immunity gives the chance of TB bacteria becoming active. Actually, TB bacteria are present in the body many times but due to good immunity, it is not active and does not become TB. – Avoid visiting overcrowded places. Do not stay in low light and dirty places and avoid going there. 9se – Stay away from TB patients. Keep a distance of at least one meter. – The patient should stay in a ventilated and well-lit room. Let the room air. Open the windows by running a fan so that bacteria can come out. – The patient should avoid split AC because then the bacteria will continue to roam inside and make others sick. – The patient should wear a mask. If there is no mask, ”Stop the Spread of TB Disease” then every time you cough or sneeze, cover the mouth with a napkin. Insert this napkin into the covered dustbin. – It should note that the patient does not spit here and there. The patient spit in one of the plastic bags and put phenyl in it and close it well and put it in the dustbin. – The patient should avoid going to crowded places like office, school, mall. Also, public transport also avoided using.

TB in women

If a woman has Tuberculosis of the uterus, ”Stop the Spread of TB Disease ”then there is a problem in her becoming a mother. However, after getting the right treatment, she can become a mother. – If a pregnant woman has TB, this disease doesn’t usually transmit from mother to child. – Immediately after birth, the child also gives medicine to protect against TB. – Feeding mother also has to continue the medicine. During feeding the mother, the mother should keep her mouth covered so that the baby does not get an infection.

TB in children

If children get TB then it is quite fatal. Therefore, the child vaccinates with BCG as soon as it is born. – If a child has TB, ”Stop the Spread of TB” Disease TB can spread throughout his body. It calls miliary TB. If it affects the brain of the child, then that condition calls meningitis. This condition can be fatal.

What should patients do?

If you have a cough for more than 3 weeks, see a doctor. – Do a full course of medicine, that too regularly. – Keep napkins on coughing mouth and nose. – Eat rich nutrition. – Avoid bidi cigarettes, hookah, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

What not to do?

  • Do not spit in the open.
  • Don’t just rely on X-rays.
  • Get the culture test do.
  • Do not stop the medicine without asking the doctor.
  • What is DOTS –

DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short Course) is a campaign to treat TB. – This includes everything from free TB treatment to free treatment. In this campaign, health workers give medicines to the patient in front of them so that the patient does not forget to take the medicine. – Health workers also counsel the patient and his family. Also, keep a watch on the patient even after treatment. – Up to 95% of successful treatment does. – Delhi NCR has 7 dots centres and 18 dots less microscopic centres.

Punishment on negligence also provides for punishment for spreading TB. According to sections 269 and 270 of the IPC, there can be a punishment of up to 6 months for not properly treating TB and spreading it to others. Spreading XDR TB can carry a sentence of up to 1 year.


  1. TB does not cure or return TB treatment is completely possible. Those who are not well, the reason is to leave treatment in between. In such people, this disease comes back. People also believe that if there is TB of the knee, then even after changing the knee, it becomes TB again. This is also incorrect. Chances of TB do not occur again in the knee when the knee changes.
  2. This disease occurs only in the poor, a superstar like Amitabh Bachchan having TB proves that this disease can happen to anyone. It takes from one to the other, so anyone can do it anytime. The reason for being in the poor is that their immunity is weak. In such a situation, they quickly become vulnerable to bacteria. ”Stop the Spread of TB Disease
  3. Pregnant women should not take medication; a full course of TB treatment is necessary. Mother’s medication continues even during pregnancy. These drugs do not have any adverse effect on the child.
  4. Government medicines are not very effective Government medicines and DOTS programs are also effective like treatment in private hospitals. There is no difference in medicines. The opposite advantage is that they are available free in government hospitals. Yes, medicines should consume whole. Up to 95% chance of first level TB being a cure. But if the medicine doesn’t eat completely and the TB goes to the second level, then the chances of recovery reduce to 60 per cent.
  5. TB is only in the lungs TB can occur in any part of the body. However, more cases cause by Lung TB. ”Stop the Spread of TB Disease

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